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Energy psychology is an often misunderstood field of study that addresses the relationships between the brain, the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, the meridians and chakras nervous system and the tissues of the body. With the services of Dr. William R. Newman of Seacoast Counseling Centers, P.C., patients from all walks of life benefit from Dr. Newman's whole person treatment, integrating the mind and body, soul and spirit with 35 years of treatment integration of clinical psychology with energy-spiritual psychology.

While psychological functioning involves chemistry and neurology as well as genetics and environmental aspects, biological energy in all of its forms also plays a role in the transformations necessary to reach balance and resolution. Energy psychology addresses these specific activities and offers trauma resolution and healing services through the careful attunement to the energy of the body.

The key to Dr. William R. Newman’s approach to energy psychology is combining this approach with decades of clinical psychology experience. This is part of what makes him the leading energy psychologist in Amesbury, MA and what has guided so many patients down the path to full recovery. Dr. Newman's wholistic approach to treatment brings healing, wholeness and balance into his patients lives.

Energy psychology makes use of the electrical activity of the nervous system to address and transform barriers to personal fulfillment through a unique approach that is both guided by spirituality and informed by science. There are many mental and psychological issues that, at a fundamental level, are caused by unbalanced elements of the biological energy within the body and mind.

Addressing these issues is what makes the approach of Dr. William R. Newman - Seacoast Counseling Centers, P.C. special.

If you would like to consult with Dr. Newman about your spiritual and psychological needs, please contact the office at your earliest convenience and schedule a consultation.

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