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The family counseling services offered by Dr. William R. Newman - Seacoast Counseling Centers, P.C. allow families to reduce their level of interpersonal stress and enjoy life together with a greater degree of positivity and freedom. Dr. Newman uses his three decades of clinical psychology experience as well as his informed background in spiritual psychology to address family issues and provide relief to strained relationships.

Often, family counseling is a need that is discovered during the adolescent years of a child’s life. The child experiences uncomfortable growing pains during this transformative period, and the family, as a result, gains a dangerously unbalanced spiritual aspect that can often only be effectively resolved by working together towards harmony. Dr. Newman offers guidance towards this sense of harmony through his counseling.

In other cases, family counseling can help bring a marriage into harmony after it has been disrupted by uncommunicated expectations, unexpected personal developments, or external changes that have allowed the adult relationship to become unbalanced, affecting the entire family. Dr. Newman can address these issues and help promote a positive family life at home through his unique family and marriage counseling services.

A happy, healthy family can be enjoyed by anyone if every member promotes interpersonal well-being through their participation in the family unit, and this is exactly what Dr. Newman’s family counseling services offer.

If you are in need of family counseling around Amesbury, MA, you are encouraged to contact the offices of Dr. Newman and schedule an appointment for an initial consultation.

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