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Dr. William R. Newman - Seacoast Counseling Centers, P.C. offers highly adept mental health services that are informed by more than thirty years of licensed clinical psychology, as well as the tenets of spiritual psychology and its affect on human beings’ mental condition. Dr. Newman’s specific, recovery-oriented approach allows his patients to improve drastically when exposed to his treatments.

Mental health patients are offered a number of highly valuable services at Dr. William R. Newman - Seacoast Counseling Centers, P.C., which are not just limited to counseling sessions. With Dr. Newman, patients can enjoy treatment from an accomplished mental health psychologist in Amesbury, MA whose mental health services include the following:

• Evaluation of Mental Health Symptoms
• Diagnosis of Specific Conditions
• Recovery-Oriented Treatment
• Positive Therapeutic Services

All of these services take place in a positive environment that is conducive to the improvement of the mental condition of the patient and offers a platform from which real transformation can occur. Dr. Newman also offers counseling services that can help the families and loved ones of those suffering from mental health disorders adjust to the effects of the condition’s symptoms while the patient undergoes treatment.

Detecting mental health disorders can be very difficult for loved ones and family members, who often get so used to an individual’s behavior that they do not recognize the symptoms of a mental disorder until it is already well-advanced.

If you have any concerns regarding yourself or a loved one who you feel may require mental health treatment, you are encouraged to visit the offices of Dr. Newman for an evaluation.

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